Millionaire MUAs: The Academy

The academy for new makeup artists finding their way in the beauty industry

What is Millionaire MUA Academy?

A community for artists who might be second-guessing their next move because they’re lacking confidence in their businesses, brands, and artistry skills.

When you become a part of Millionaire MUA Academy you will have access to exclusive events, meet other boss ass makeup artist from all over the world, gain business resources, and education! 

Remember, you are your best investment!


Why You Should Join Us

When you become a MMA member you have access to:

  • Live monthly trainings
  • Invites to member-only events
  • Homework and actionable steps on building your profitable MUA biz.
  • Discounted coaching with @TerriWatsonBeauty
  • Member-only merch.
  • Access to special guest speakers.

Hi, I'm your host Terri. 

I scaled my makeup artist business from $65 per client to $250 per client in just two years using the strategies i'm going to share with you. From my first studio to now being 5 years into a successful beauty biz! 

My goal is to help you overcome any obstacles that have been in your way and help you create your own space within the "over-saturated" $18 million beauty industry.

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